Looking for a trusted, local dumpster rental service in the Jackson, NJ area? As a veteran-owned small business, A-Lot-Cleaner, Inc has decades of experience helping our customers achieve a desirable outcome.

A-Lot-Cleaner INC Dumpster Rental helps you complete any project. Whenever you think it’s time to tackle those improvement projects at your home on Manhattan Street or anywhere else in Jackson New Jersey, you can consider A-LOT-CLEANER, INC one of your resources in achieving your improved quality of life.


If you are not sure about the size dumpster you need, look at our size chart and give us a call. Dumpsters sizes are based on cubic measurements. One cubic yard is 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet. Our smallest dumpster is 10 cubic yards. Picture in your mind 10 washing machines. That is roughly equivalent to 10 cubic yards of volume. As a rule of thumb, always rent a dumpster slightly larger than what you think you need, because it is better to have space left over that you don’t need, than to need space you don’t have.


When it comes down to deciding which company you can trust with your dumpster rental, don’t be misled, in general, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

When you are talking to your potential service provider the issues that are most relevant are, the size of the dumpster you need, the area it’s going to be placed, the length of the rental period, the load limit, and all associated costs before you make your decision. You will find that after doing your research that A-LOT-CLEANER, INC has the best overall value for you to benefit from. When you call our friendly staff  we can answer any questions that you will need to help you make your decision.



Our 10 through 20-yard dumpsters are often the best option for homeowners who are looking to tackle a one-room renovation or cleaning out their attic, basement, or garage. Many of our customers use our dumpsters for yard cleanups and estate cleanouts as well.


When you are ordering your dumpster from A-LOT-CLEANER, INC we will discuss placement options so we can ensure that it will be placed in the best location. Topics such as low utility wires, tree limbs or structures that may impede access as well as the surface that we will be placing your dumpster will be discussed. Our roller boards will help reduce the potential of surface damage by helping to evenly distribute the weight of the container on the surface so all you will have to do is just load your materials through the rear back door as you work. If you need to request an early pickup or order another container, let us know and we will work with your schedule to help you meet your needs.


A-LOT-CLEANER, INC includes a seven-day dumpster rental period and we pick up on the 8th day with each dumpster rental that we provide, that gives you plenty of time to complete your project for your home or commercial property. If you need your dumpster for a longer period, our daily dumpster rental extension rate is only 20.00 per day. So, whether you are a homeowner or general contractor, consider A-LOT-CLEANER, INC. your best option for aggravation free dumpster rental service, helping you get the results you need.


When it comes to load limits, (weight) it’s important to consider that when you rent your container you are not determining what size dumpster you need based upon the estimated weight of what you are disposing of but on the size of the dumpster the load will fit in unless you are loading dirt, concrete, roofing shingles, etc.

Every dumpster rental company offers a load limit or weight limit with their dumpster rental, so what you want to consider in your decision-making process is who offers the highest load limit without occurring an overage charge. At A-LOT-CLEANER INC, we include the highest load limits based upon the rental rates we charge.

our smallest dumpster, a 10 yarder comes with a 2-ton load limit, our 19- and 20-yard dumpsters have a three-ton load limit. If there is a weight overage, we charge 100.00 per ton which is pro-rated at 0.05 cents per pound.

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We offer same-day service for dumpster rentals.

Jackson, NJ Dumpster Sizes and Rates 7-Day Rental

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Dumpster Sizes Rates Typical Dimensions Weight
10/11 Cubic Yards $425.00 plus tax 13ft long by 8ft wide by 4ft high Up to 2 tons of weight
13 Cubic Yards $450.00 plus tax 15ft long by 8ft wide by 4ft high Up to 2.25 tons of weight
15 Cubic Yards $475.00 plus tax 11ft long by 8ft wide by 5ft high Up to 2.5 tons of weight
16 Cubic Yards $500.00 plus tax 12ft long by 8ft wide by 5ft high Up to 2.75 tons of weight
19 Cubic Yards $550.00 plus tax 14ft long by 8ft wide by 6ft high Up to 3 tons of weight
20 Cubic Yards $575.00 plus tax 17ft long by 8ft wide by 5ft high Up to 3 tons of weight


  • Certain restrictions and portage fees may apply

Charges for Overweight Dumpsters

  • 5¢ per lb for overweight loads – Ocean County
  • 12¢ per lb for overweight loads – Other Counties